Top Instagram Updates 2018

Top Instagram Updates 2018

Instagram Updates every time being update. the development here stated below marked as “potentially in development” and that can have revealed by the person working back of Instagram. The updates update can not be surely say right now but it will be surely work and amazed the users.

1. Voice and Video Calling

This feature will be VOice and Video Messaging through the direct messaging channel. There have icons of the videos and voice call buttons that uncovered by Tshan Agarwal.

The possible voice and video calling is one, as the direct messages feature isn’t used nearly as frequently on Instagram as it is on other platforms, so maybe this is their way of taking a step to try to change that.

Either way, it will be interesting to see. It could provide an opportunity to provide more thorough and personal customer service to customers, but since this feature isn’t used often I’m Facebook, I’m not entirely sure how valuable it would be.

2. Cinemagraph

Here just a screenshot that WABetaInfo spotted when digging around in the app, so we’re not entirely sure this will be a feature that will ever come to Instagram.

If it’s being tested to the point where the option is integrated in the interface, however, it’s a possibility.

This feature will most likely offer the option to create a classic cinemagraph, which is basically a still photo or image that has a small portion of the image in motion.

Here’s a few examples all compiled into one video to help you get the idea:

If this feature is released, this could take over boomerang as a newer more subtle approach to catch users eyes and draw them in quickly.It would also be exceptionally visually interesting, which Instagram is all about. I can already picture the rain falling around the still couple dancing the rain as we speak, and I think the possibilities are endless.

3. Portrait Shutters for Stories

Month after month, we’ve consistently seen updates to the Stories feature almost every single time I write a post. TechCrunch may have found the next Stories shutter that could gain access to, which looks to be some sort of portrait mode.

It’s being tested under the name “Focus,” and may allow people to take or create stylized portraits in-app, blurring out the background and focusing in on your subject. Because it’s being tested, it’s a lot more likely we’ll be seeing this before the other two features on our “rumored” list.