Important Android Tips


Android is hands on the most famous and flexible mobile operating systems round because of its energy packed capabilities. And the satisfactory component approximately it’s far, it lets you customise the device as in line with your desire. Here a few crucial android hints that come up with a great enjoy approximately android phone use.

Important Android Tips

Quick Notification Access

To access it in a super quickly, use both of your fingers to make a downward swipe on the home screen. The Quick Settings menu and the notification drawer will be available in a jiffy.

Display Touch Points

In few of the how-to movies in YouTube, it’s tough to pinpoint the precise place where the demonstrator is relating his display.

Solution to the above problem: Enable the show contact factors. This will display a white dot on locations in which you have got touched. To permit this feature, you’ll should take a dive into the Developer alternative. Head over to Input and activate Show Touches.

See All the Open Tabs

Pressing the home button is what one might usually do to exit Chrome or for that depend, any app. In Chrome, there’s a moderate catch — it closes the primary app however the tabs still remain open till they’re closed manually. Last time I checked, I had over 12 open tabs.

So, the way to see all the open tabs without problems. Well, Google apps include a handful of hidden hints up their sleeves. All you need to do is faucet on the cope with bar and swipe all the way down to see the list.