Find the Tips and tricks in your OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2


Use on screen navigation instead of capacitive keys

If your OnePlus 2 capacitive keys does not feel comfortable, then you can totally disable them and activate the on screen navigation buttons. To do this, navigate to settings >> buttons and activate the on screen instructions.


Swap the keys functionality

OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 is a large device and it can be tricky to use the back button, which is by default the left touch capacitive button. The right button acts as a menu button and centre works as the fingerprint sensor, home button and the search assistant. But the good part is that you can customise all of them according to your convenience. If you are not comfortable in using left button as the back button, then simply swap its functionality with the right one.

Besides, you can toggle the capacitive keys light and moreover set the keys behavior to trigger the action of your choice. For instance, you can set the home key to launch the camera with a double tap.


Change themes, icons, etc.

Oxygen OS allows you to change the look and feel of your OnePlus 2 by offering number of themes. These themes include wallpapers, icons, animations, etc. which can give your OnePlus 2 a new look. You can also take an individual icon set from one theme and apply it to another. Besides, if you don’t like the white background of Android Lollipop, then you can switch to a darker theme from settings that come handy while using phone during night.



OnePlus 2

OnePlus allows you to draw letters on locked screen to open particular applications. For this, you need to go to settings >> gesture >> click on the options you want to activate. You can also double tap on the lock screen to wake up the display.


Customise the Notification Tray

The stock notification panel on OnePlus 2 can be customised by clicking on edit icon, located below the profile setting in the notification panel. Just click on it and start dragging the tiles to re-arrange the icons as per your requirement.

Change the LED notification light colour

OnePlus 2

The OnePlus 2 let you customize the color of LED light for different notifications. For instance, you can set a green notification for messages, red for missed calls, and blue for e-mails. This makes it easy to differentiate the type of notification you have received by just looking at the LED light. For this, go to settings >> customisations >> LED notifications.

Change the display colours

With the Oxygen OS 2.1 update, you can tweak the color balance of the display to customise it as per your convenience. It can be done by settings >> display to make the display appear more warm or cold, depending on your preference.

The Shelf

Another useful and hidden feature on OnePlus 2 is ‘Shelf’. It is basically a homescreen designed to contain your most frequently used contacts and applications. It can be accessed by sliding the screen from left to right on the home. You can also place widgets in the shelf. To enable/disable it, long press on any screen, then tap on settings and then Enable Shelf.

Enable advanced reboot

You can reboot OnePlus 2 directly into Recovery mode (if you facing some problems with the handset) from the Restart menu. By default, the option is disabled and hidden, but can be enabled from settings >> developer options >> advanced reboot.

App Permissions

Android 6.0 Marshmallow integrates a new feature ‘App permissions’ that allows users to control the behavior of individual applications. As of now, Nexus handsets are running the Marshmallow and can utilise the functionality. But with the help Oxygen OS, you can also use the permission manager to restrict individual apps from accessing your private data or location, which usually drains a lot of battery.

Source collected from Buymobile